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Product Care Guide


Please ensure all items are stored in their original packaging prior to use in a suitable dry environment.

All raw wood products must be kept covered at all times prior to use to reduce the risk of movement and absorption of moisture.

Extreme temperatures may cause your furniture to dry out so please avoid placing your furniture too close to radiators and other sources of heat.

Allow adequate ventilation to reduce the risk of movement due to humidity.

Product Care

Most solid wood furniture already includes a protective finish which requires no maintenance providing you follow the simple care guidelines below. 

* Protect surfaces from hot objects with the use of good quality table mats.

* Furniture should be kept dust free with a lint-free cloth wiping in the direction of the grain.

* Clean spillages from surfaces promptly using a blotting action with a damp cloth then carefully drying the area.

* Never use chemicals or abrasive materials and cleaners on your furniture.

* Furniture sprays should not be used on waxed finishes but such items will benefit from an occasional coat of suitable furniture wax.

* Where ever possible keep your furniture away from direct sunlight as this may cause bleaching.

* Certain finishes mellow with age and exposure to light so always rearrange items such as vases and ornaments on a regular basis to minimize shade marks.

* Extending tables should remain open for sufficient periods of time to ensure equal fading of stain. 

* Drawers should always be placed back into their same original compartment as previously removed.

Repair Tips

Your furniture will be extremely well packaged and delivered by our professional delivery team who are fully trained to carefully handle such items.

In the rare event that a slight defect or minor damage is found in any of our products then we may advise on some easy repair tips as below.

* Small dents can easily be healed out by soaking a cotton wool bud in hot water then apply light pressure to the dented area for about 10 mins.

* A coat of suitable furniture wax should cover any light scratches on stained and waxed furniture items.

* Sticking drawers caused by natural tree sap or when the wood has been subject to moisture but can usually be rectified by sanding down the sliding surfaces. 

* Small gaps and holes can be easily filled with suitable wood filler then sanded and touched up with the appropriate stain or wax.

Please Note

Every solid wood item is unique in appearance. Variations in color, grain, small knots, large nots, and dark areas, small cracks are natural characteristics and to be expected. These characteristics are not deemed a defect but do add to the beauty and individuality of solid wood furniture and hence do not warrant replacement.